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,<"Yesterday I went to the Jay Leno taping and it was awesome. My best friend (dereks_pillow), her sister, and I got there at about 5:30am, and waited in line outside of the box office until 8:00am to get tickets. We then had to wait in another line to get into the show and were finally let in at about 4:30pm. While we were waiting in line dereks_pillow and I decided to take a tour of the NBC studios since we were so bored. Let me just say that was 7.50 well spent! As we were walking arond the studio we heard The Killers practicing inside the Jay Leno studio so we asked our tour guide if we could go see that studio first and she agreed. The 12 of us on the tour got to go in and watch The Killers do their soundcheck. They sang "All These Things That I've Done" about 20 times, so it was like our own private concert. We would clap for them everytime they finished and they would look up and smile and wave.
Me and my friend spotted our Killers friend, and were glad we were later able to meet up with him. So happy about that!

So during their rehearsal, they changed the ending of the song...a little added part. Very cute...and they must've done the last part of the song a million times. Brandon just kept going over and over it until it was right. There were only 12 people on the tour, so every time the Killers would stop, we'd cheer, and they'd look up and smile. So, for $7.50, I got my very own private Killers show. Awesome. Oh, and at one point, Brandon seemed peeved when they told him he had only four minutes. He was like, who gave us four minutes, Island Records? It was quite funny....and he said, fine, we'll do your version. So I guess they had to shorten it. The tour lasted longer than it should've because we were so excited, and kept asking random questions to get us to stay in there longer. I could not believe the timing was perfect.

We then went back in line, and eventually got in. The show was very good, and I was laughing so hard. Keira Knightley was the first guest, then a comedian named Tim Norton...I think. So, the Killers came on, and I was so excited. Me and my group jumped up from our seats, and sang and clapped along.

When their song ended, they shot a couple of promos with the guests. I noticed that they seemed to ignore Keira, which was kind of sad. I don't know if they realized it or not, but she kind of wandered around. It was a great show though...with a great performance!

So, in 6 months, this is my fifth time. So this performance was REALLY the last for a while. This is going to be a long break.

Heres two Ronnie pics from the show:

And does anybody know who this guy is?
Because he was at the taping and the man who was supposed to pump us up before the concert was bagging on him and what he was wearing for about 20 minutes straight, this guy had to stand up and the spotlight was on him and everything. And now he's up on party pictures... I thought maybe it was Ronnie's brother but I'm not sure.

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