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,<"Let me start off by telling you a side story, although I promise it will all tie together in the end. My best friend and I got to the venue yesterday morning at 8am and there were already about three groups of people in front of us. We spread out a blanket and got situated for the long day ahead of us. At around 12pm, a man came up to my friend and asked her if she drove. She told him yes and he asked her if she could please drive him to pick up something in Fairfax. She jokinly said she would do it for backstage passes, and he said okay. Turns out he works for The Killers (we wouldnt have taken just any random person.) So we drop him off at the tour busses and he goes inside, gets us drinks, and gets back in the car and we drive him to where he needs to be. He needed a camera that could only be released to him so he could record the concert for The Hot Fuss DVD (Yes they are making a Hot Fuss DVD.) So this guy was so awesome. He kept thanking us for doing him this huge favor. He even called Brandon saying: "I met these two amazing girls who are taking me to get my camera" and then "Hell yeah theyre getting passes." Okay, moving on... we get back to the place and we exchange numbers, and then we wait back in line (two really nice people saved our spots for us so we would still be at the front)

Okay, now the concert was just AMAZING. My two friends and I (one met up with us there later) rushed to the front of the stage and secured our spots in the front row. This was my fourth time seeing them.
There were two opening acts, Lemon Sun and British Sea Power. I thought Lemon Sun did an awesome job, and all the members of the band are really good looking. After they were done British Sea Power came on, and no disrespect to them, but I just wasn't feeling their music. It wasn't like they were horrible, but I would never go pay to see them or anything. Their last song seemed to last FOREVER and that made me upset because I was so anxious to see The Killers. Ronnie came out during the last song though and had some guy on his shoulders and then some guy on his back.. and it was just crazy, but funny. After they left the background changed to all silver things, it looked so nice.

After playing lots of Frank Sinatra songs, "Love Story" by Andy Williams came on and the lights went off. Everyone took out their cell phones and held them up so there were lights shining everywhere, it was really cool. Then The Killers came out and opened with "Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine." I swear this song just does something to me that I can't explain, the opening, before they start singing, is just amazing to me, that it almost brings me to tears everytime haha. They played EVERY song on Hot Fuss PLUS Indie Rock and Roll, Under The Gun, and Moonage Daydream (a David Bowie song.)

Some parts that stood out to me were the major boy love between Dave and Brandon. I'm not into boylove at all but everyone went nuts. Brandon came up to Dave and it looked like they were going to make out, they got so incredibly close. Another part was during "Mr. Brightside" during "And she's touching his chest now" Brandon came RIGHT in front of my friends and I and started touching his own chest and then moved his hand down to his crotch. Holy Moly, it was BEAUTIFUL.

The songs they sung during Encore were: Moonage Daydream, Everything Will Be Alright, and they closed with All These Things. Everything Will BE Alright was AMAZING. It sounded exactly like it does on the CD, only better. Everyone was singing along and went nuts, which I was really happy about. I didnt really see any "Mr. Brightside" fans as they call them. Everyone I saw was singing along to every song, which I thought was wonderful.

All These Things was amazing. Everyone was clapping along, and singing, and the crowd started singing " Ive got Soul, but I'm not a soldier" before Brandon did, which I LOVE! During that song I just looked around at all the thousands and thousands of people in that arena and just felt so happy. I mean, the first time I saw them, in April, they played at The Wiltern, a realllly small venue, and in that short of time, they are already at an arena, playing for a crowd of 19,000 people at a show that sold out in 15 minutes. That is just amazing to me. I just felt really happy for them, and happy that I've been a part of all of that.

Anyways, Brandon also talked a lot more this time. Introducing songs by saying People ask him if the songs are true or not and its about 50 50. Jenny was not a friend of his but Andy was. He also said that they arent good at talking in between songs haha. Then he said that they were playing all of their songs since this is one of the last shows on the Hot Fuss tour and that they promise they are going to write some more good songs and bring us a great CD. They looked kind of sad to me when it was over, seeing as the whole entire arena went mental, screaming like I've never heard screaming before. I think they were in shock at how much they wowwed the crowd.

Well, we met up with our friend afterwards (the official photographer for the band that I told you about) and he gave us our backstage passes so we went backstage. We waited in there for a few minutes and then went to the after party, where we saw all the guys. I saw Ronnie first so I went up to him and said "Hi Ronnie!" and he's like: "HEYYY!" and gave me a hug. Then he took off before I got a chance to take a picture with him. I saw Brandon next and my friend and both said hi and took pictures with him. Dave was standing in the hall so I said hello to him and told him how amazing the show was and took a picture with him. My friend also got some video of Dave and I together so I thought that was cool. We then decided to go because we couldnt find Mark or Ronnie, but just as we were going out our friend came up to us and asked us if we met the guys. We told them we met Brandon and Dave but not the others. He told us that we had to meet the band with HIM, so he took us into the freaking dressing room. I thought I was going to keel over, but I remained totaly calm on the outside. Ronnie was in there so we took pictures with him since we didnt get the opportunity to earlier. Since this ISSS the Ronnie community, I'll take more time to talk about him and say that in my opnion, he was the nicest and most friendliest of all the band members and WOW, he was so good looking in person, I could hardly believe it. Ronnie was awesome. After we took pictures he was like: "Hey, lets see how the picture turned out." (it was a digital camera) ... and he just kept saying funny things to my friend and I. We also saw Brandon again, so we asked him to sign our hot fuss Cd cover and he gladly did. After hanging out there for a while we went outside by the tour bus and luckily saw Mark. We had him take pictures with us and he signed our Cd cover too. He was really shy, but really nice and polite! I regreted not having Ronnie and Dave sign my cd cover but it didnt cross my mind when I was by them. After that we said goodbye to our new friend and he told us to make sure to save his number so that when the killers come back on tour again we can call him and he can get us some more passes.

It was just an amazing concert and an amazing experience.
One of the best days I've ever had honestly.

I should have my pictures tommorrow which will DEFENITLY be posted.">,
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