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I Wasn't Shopping For A Doll. To Say The Least I Thought I'd Seen Them All. [entries|friends|calendar]
Ronnie Vannucci - Hottest Drummer In The World

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[07 Nov 2005|09:43pm]

Today I went to Amoeba Music and was extremely pleased to find three "underground" Killers CD's. The first was The Mr. Brightside single, which also included "Somebody Told Me" "Who Let You Go" and The Mr. Brightside Video.

The second was the "Smile Like You Mean It" single which also included "Get Trashed."
The third was the "All These Things" single which included three versions of the song, The first music video of the song, and "Why don't you find out for yourself."

The CD covers were so awesome looking and I was just so happy to find them that I thought I should share!
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Hott in a purple and white striped shirt. [27 Oct 2005|07:55am]

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An email I just got from thekillers@islandmusic.com [25 Oct 2005|02:54pm]

"With their debut, multi-platinum album Hot Fuss, The Killers have changed the current face of rock & roll. This Las Vegas band has rocked the world with their brand of 80s influenced, highly infectious, pop rock.

Bid now for a drum kit signed by The Killers drummer himself, Ronnie Vannucci!

This new drum kit includes the following:
24" Kick Drum
18" Floor Tom
16" Floor Tom
13" Rack Tom
Floor Toms and Kick Drum come w/ legs.
Proceeds from this auction go to the American Red Cross relief efforts to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

For more information on The Killers, please visit their
Official Website at: www.thekillersmusic.com"
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[24 Oct 2005|09:42pm]

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[24 Oct 2005|11:06am]

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[23 Oct 2005|01:31am]

Big Hott Picture Behind the Cut.Collapse )
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I think this is beautiful. [22 Oct 2005|03:20pm]

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[21 Oct 2005|04:36pm]


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[21 Oct 2005|04:26pm]


Found this old picture of Ronnie. He's the one on the far right. It's not that big but I thought it was pretty cute.
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[21 Oct 2005|03:10pm]


Hey. I made this icon. It's not that great, but anyone can take it if they so desire. I don't care if you credit me or not.


He makes the BEST faces. lolz.

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Found this on Answers.com [17 Oct 2005|01:08pm]

Interesting ArticleCollapse )
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Just some random Ronnie... [16 Oct 2005|01:58am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I can't believe the tour is over...

Yeah, there's more behind door #2...Collapse )

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[15 Oct 2005|12:25pm]

Found this info/interview/whatever on Ronnie:

Ronnie Vannucci

COUNTRY: United States

1979-1984 as a small child, I banged on the washer and dryer, sometimes the fridge, even my aunts old piano, singing and humming in the garage.

1984 first drumset bought from a musician in Vegas with a drug problem. Started playing immediately. Took private lessons.

1985 first time playing with a band, at Ceasars Palace where my mom worked. Officially the youngest kid to play a song in a casino... The song was "play that funky music white boy". The same year I entered in the 4th grade talent show where everyone was a winner. I made friends with all the black kids instantly. The girl I crushed on made french toast.

1986 moved to northern California and began playing with a 29 year old bassist named Kevin who was a firefighter. His dad was a white guy and his mother was African American so he was able to show me some soul whilst still relating to a white kid from Vegas. Began to get into lots of music that was 'my own' and not influenced by my parents who were constantly blasting everything from Beatles to Steely Dan.

1987-89 moved back to Vegas as a "skateboarder". In California I entered small time skate competitions. Took more drum lessons on and off.

1990 junior high punk rock/brit pop phase. Sported white combat boots that more or less resembled roller skates for girls; good look though. Junior high varsity jazz band for a month then dropped out sighting artistic differences with band director. Watched Depeche Mode 101 and Cure videos everyday, even before school in the morning. Got some casio tones and my dad taught me the guitar. Began writing songs that were basically retarded versions of Cure songs. Looking back, some were ok.

1991-94 high school and also the start of my first band, Purple Dirt. Branched out, began playing with the older kids thus making me more cool amongst my peers. Met more kids my age and played in various bands in Vegas making friends for life; one of which is now my dentist. Began private lessons again with the possibility of majoring in music in college. Instead chose biology, did poorly.

1995-99 college (various majors) and various bands from weddings to desert parties powered by generators. Did some small and big band jazz stuff with the community college for a few years. Finally decided to major in music at UNLV.

2000-03 mostly spent devoting time to school. Played in various percussion ensembles, musicals, marching band, and orchestra.

Met my band, The Killers in May, 2002. Got in a garage and played almost every day. Played our first show June 30th in Las Vegas. From then till now it's been full steam ahead. Still in that garage.
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[11 Oct 2005|03:00pm]

Jay Leno.Collapse )
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You can thank me later... [11 Oct 2005|09:00am]

[ mood | naughty ]

Uh, make sure you're sitting down before you click on the cut. From Leno last night, backstage...

Ronnie like you've never seen him before...Collapse )

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[07 Oct 2005|09:33pm]

The pictures I promised from last nights show.Collapse )
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[07 Oct 2005|11:55am]

My Review On The Long Beach Show Last Night.Collapse )
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TRL 18-01-05 [05 Oct 2005|03:32pm]

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[02 Oct 2005|06:08pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Ronnie playing with British Sea Power on 9/29/05

Two more! :DCollapse )

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[01 Oct 2005|04:27pm]

Here are a couple of pictures from the New York show last night. I read that they even performed "Everything Will Be Alright" AND "Believe Me Natalie" in the same night! How exciting is that? I can't wait for next week!!!!!

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